STAFF and students from a pre-school are devastated after suffering from two break-ins over two weeks.

St Peter’s Pre-School returned this week from the Easter holidays to find the school has suffered from two break ins, the first resulting in fences being torn down and garden toys damaged. The second break in saw a playhouse stolen, and broken glass spread across the garden.

Manager of the pre-school, Trudie Harris said: “Staff and committee members are devastated this has happened.

"We are hurt. We feel deflated after this constant spate of vandalism. You try and do your best for the children and things like this keeps on happening. It is really disheartening.

“The kids are so upset that someone has stolen their playhouse. They are stealing from the kids - they loved that playhouse, it was very popular. We cannot afford to replace it.”

Both of the incidents occurred while a dummy camera was in place prior to CCTV being set up. The dummy camera was also damaged during the break ins.

With 23 years of experience at working at the pre-school in St Peter's Church Lane, Droitwich, Mrs Harris said: “I am truly upset by what has happened. Unfortunately, due to our location we have been the target of break ins and robberies in the past, but it is so sad that this has happened during the children’s half term and now they will come back to a play area that has been violated and damaged.

“The playhouse had been here for years and had been a main feature in our play area. We just hope that someone may have seen or heard something that will see those culpable receive punishment for their actions.”

Mrs Harris suspects the playhouse was dismantled in order to remove it from the play area and had been taken some time between Thursday (April 25) late afternoon and Sunday (April 28) morning.

The school is appealing for anyone that may have any information regarding the theft to contact the police on 101, quoting incident number 223806519.

St Peter’s Pre-school is charity run and relies solely on donations to raise money for the school’s equipment and activities.

Mrs Harris claims it is going to be a struggle to replace the playhouse and repair the damage.

Parents from the pre-school have offered to support and contribute donations to replace the stolen items.

Wendy Simmons said: “I'm absolutely mortified for you. If l can help with fundraising in anyway please ask.”

Lyndsey Mayall said: “How people can do this knowing it’s a place for young children is disgusting, sadly I think a high metal fence with wire on top will be needed as sadly this seems like something which is going to happen each school holidays.”

Nicola Moffatt said: “So awful for everyone concerned. Please let us know what we can do to help.”

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