A COUNCIL has reiterated that its chairman was not involved in a vote over a controversial planning application and said any relationship she has with the developer is a “private matter”.

Complaints have been filed against Dodderhill Parish Council (DPC) chairman Alyson Keane – one relating to her alleged involvement in a proposed development in Chequers Lane.

Wychavon District Council (WDC) is currently carrying out an investigation into the complaints and DPC refused to answer related questions at public meetings in March and then on Monday (April 1).

At Monday’s meeting, resident Peter Evans questioned whether the chairman stood to make any financial gains out of the development.

He went on to say: “The issue is whether that agreement is transparent and not in conflict with the role of chair of the parish council."

“It’s not personal and it’s important councillors, especially the chair, represent the community and not themselves.”

In a statement issued to the Worcester News on Wednesday, DPC clerk Nick Farress said: “During the discussion and subsequent decision to object to the planning application at Chequers Lane for 33 affordable homes, in January, the chairman of the council declared a pecuniary interest, left the meeting and did not take part in the voting process, in accordance with the council's code of conduct.

“Any subsequent discussions between an individual and a developer or land owner is a private matter and not for the parish council to pass comment on.”

He went on to say: “Cllr Keane absented herself from the meeting on Monday due to a recent serious health issue which caused a lengthy stay in hospital. 

“Cllr Keane is now on dialysis and is recovering at home. 

“This has had an impact on her ability to respond to the complaints made against her and the [WDC] monitoring officer is fully aware of the circumstances.” 

When questioned, he added that he did not know the status of WDC’s investigation.

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