WORCESTER News readers have had their say regarding issues on a notorious stretch of A449 following the latest crash.

On Tuesday, a male pedestrian was rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham having suffered life threatening injuries after being hit by a vehicle between the Claines Lane and Ombersley Park junctions.

This came the day after Mark Treasure was jailed for causing the death of cyclist Anthony Ryder on the same stretch in December 2017.

Cllr Stuart Denlegh-Maxwell, who represents Claines ward on the city council, said there had been some “horrible” crashes on the A-road.

“People just drive too fast up there,” he said.

After posting the story on our Facebook page, some readers argued accidents were caused by bad driving not by road issues, though others said more measures were needed to keep road users safe.

Bernard Mills said: “It is bad driving by some, but the amount of so-called traffic calming and speed reduction initiatives can and does lead to the very accidents they seek to prevent.

“Make roundabouts, eliminate speed restriction areas, fill in the gaps and rethink how pedestrians and others can cross.”

He added that too many dual carriageways reduce down to single carriageways, confusing drivers who don’t know the roads and causing them to brake too late.

Andrew Chance said the A449 is “made more lethal” by the amount of potholes along the “entire” road.

However, Jason Patrick said “people’s shocking driving and attitudes cause accidents not roads” and Amberlou Hughes agreed “the road is fine” and blamed crashes predominantly on speeding motorists. “People are still slamming on their breaks at the speed cameras. It’s not a 50mph road, it’s a 70,” she added.