AN 'amazing father' kicked open his ex's door after a row, telling police to arrest him because he did not know what he would do to her if given bail.

Matthew Simmonds had already admitted criminal damage at social housing in Malvern when he appeared at Worcester Crown Court on Friday to be sentenced having been remanded in custody over Christmas.

The criminal damage placed the the 24-year-old, who also cut off his electronic tag, in breach of a suspended sentence order after he was caught with a stun gun.

Simmonds had been made subject to the order (24 months in prison suspended for 24 months) on September 13, 2017 for possession of a prohibited weapon on April 10, 2017.

John Brotherton, prosecuting, said Simmonds had since cut an electronic tag from his ankle after a curfew requirement was added on August 24 last year.

The tag was said to have been removed by the defendant on September 2 last year and when staff arrived to fit a new one on September 13 last year he was not at home.

An unpaid work order proved 'unworkable' because of the defendant's mental health issues said Mr Brotherton.

He told the judge the probation service 'took the view that they could no longer work with the defendant' and had advised that the suspended sentence be activated.

The criminal damage was committed on December 12 last year at Ramsons Close, Malvern after Simmonds had an argument with his former partner, Katie Jones, at the address.

He said: "She shut the door against the defendant. He was angry and kicked the door, causing it to burst open and damaging the lock in the process."

Simmonds caused £85 worth of damage to the door, owned by Fortis Living, and police were called.

Mr Brotherton said: "He was saying 'arrest me, if you give me bail I will come back and do it again and again and again'. He also added the words 'I don't know what I would do to her'."

Belinda Ariss, defending, asked the judge not to activate the suspended sentence and told the court Simmonds already spent four weeks in custody.

Miss Ariss said: "I understand he's an amazing father. His son has a complex brain injury and has taken his father's time in custody very hard."

Judge Jim Tindal said Simmonds had 'a long and varied record'. He said: "The suspended sentence was imposed for the offence of possessing a prohibited weapon. It sounds terrible but actually involves possession of a stun gun which in my experience people think is a fairly trivial thing but legitimately is treated very seriously."

He said of the criminal damage: "Clearly in the last few months of last year you were on a bit of a downward spiral. It would not surprise me if that had something to do with the breakup with your partner.

"You dealt with that in a petulant way by going back to her property and having a slanging match with her and damaging the door.

"That has led to you being remanded in custody over the Christmas period and has affected you significantly but has had much more of an affect on your children."

The judge imposed a three month curfew between 8pm and 6am. The judge warned him: "If you breach this again, the court will throw the book at you. Is that clear?"

Simmons replied 'yes sir'.

A curfew address of Beauchamp Road, Malvern was supplied to the court.