POLICE have warned Westlands residents that a man jailed for violent and anti-social behaviour, who is due for release this week, is still banned from the estate.

Jack Rowley was jailed in May before magistrates granted a criminal behaviour order in July, due to his offending history having largely taken place on the estate.

The 26-year-old was due for release on Monday (November 19), after serving six months, with his CBO also preventing him from going near Droitwich High School.

Rowley was jailed for breaching a restraining order put in place to protect his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend, as well as damaging a police car with a rock and racially abusing an officer.

Family members of Rowley have defended him on Facebook, accusing the authorities of having "targeted” him all his life.

Droitwich Police posted the warning on the social media site, before many friends and family responded in favour of the offender.

Debbie Rowley said: “Even when Jack was a child you always targeted [him], plain and simple.”

She said he “always asked for help but never got it”.

“There are still things going on but Jack is always getting the blame, even though he is locked up.”

Laura Mitchell Harrison said she was “pleased” that the information about Rowley had been shared, because “hopefully people will look out for him and help him when needed”.

Also commenting on the post, PC Rich Rees said: “Safeguarding the many victims of Jack's offending is our number one priority.

“We all hope that Jack can move on with his life and it is good to see that he has many friends and family which will hopefully be there to help him with that. “Unfortunately, due to his behaviour, his future does not lie on the Westlands and potentially he will be sent back to prison if he breaches this court order. He has choices to make. If he makes the right ones we genuinely wish him well."