MUMS held a silent protest outside a school in opposition to how staff dealt with a pupil’s bullying ordeal and subsequent suicide attempt.

10-year-old Lilly-Jo Caldcott was rushed to hospital on Monday evening after attempting to take her own life due to being bullied at Witton Middle School in Droitwich.

Several parents then claimed on Facebook that the school had told pupils in an assembly that reports of Lilly-Jo’s suicide attempt were “fake news” despite photos showing her on a drip in hospital.

Led by Lilly-Jo’s mum, Jess Brown, several protesters lined the gates of the school on Friday morning, holding a banner which said: “You will not silence us. You will not silence our children. Justice.”

During the protest, all the blinds of the Old Coach Road school were drawn, while police also waited on-site, with several staff members first at the gate and then huddled in the reception office.

Referring to her daughter, Jess, aged 27 and from Worcester, said: “Her little voice never got heard. Well, big voices are going to be heard now. I am not here to upset the other children, but to make sure changes are made.”

The mum-of-three, who was joined in the protest by her own mother Angela Brown and sister Tasha Brown, has also this week called for headteacher Cath Crossley and deputy Hannah Walsh to resign.

She feels the school did not take the correct steps to address the bullying issue and will not be sending her daughter back there once she has fully recovered.

Several drivers beeped their horns and shouted support for the demonstration, including one dad who said: “The school is a joke.”

“Good luck with it,” he added. “If I could be there with you, I would be.”

Tasha, Jess’s sister, said: “Something has got to be done for everybody else’s children. No-one deserves to have their child bullied and then not be listened to.”

Lilly-Jo is now back home.

The protest started at 8.15am and lasted around an hour, with Jess praising those who took part as well as the messages of support on Facebook.