PUPILS at a school where a 10-year-old girl was bullied were allegedly told that reports of her attempted suicide were “fake news” in an assembly.

Parents took to Facebook claiming their children came home from Witton Middle School on Wednesday after teachers apparently told them Lilly-Jo Caldcott’s suicide attempt was “exaggerated.”

The pupil, whose family claim she has been bullied by another girl since starting at the school in September, was rushed to hospital on Monday night.

Writing on Facebook, one mum said her child had claimed pupils were told the news of Lilly-Jo being in hospital was “one-sided” and done for “publicity.”

She said her child claimed she told pupils “don’t talk to strangers who ask you about it and it was a fake news story.” Another parent said their daughter had given the same account.

Speaking to the Worcester News yesterday, Lilly-Jo’s mum Jess Brown called for headteacher Cath Crossley and deputy head Hannah Walsh to resign.

Along with three other parents, and filmed by the BBC, the 27-year-old mum went to the school on Thursday morning in protest against the alleged assembly and the way staff handled her daughter’s bullying ordeal.

“They locked the doors and turned their backs away from us,” she said. “They wouldn’t answer questions and wouldn’t acknowledge us.”

She said the group stayed for an hour and were told if they didn’t leave the police would be called.

On Wednesday, the same day as the alleged “fake news” assembly, Jess was sent a photo of pupils holding up cards with her daughter’s name, as well as ‘get well’ messages from staff and pupils.

“I don’t understand how they can do that and then tell the children it was all lies,” she said.

“The kids were told don’t approach any strangers, that Lilly-Jo wasn’t getting bullied and hasn’t been in hospital.

“If that’s true then where the hell exactly did I get photos of her in hospital?”

The mum, who lives in Worcester with Lilly-Jo and her two other children, said she wanted to take it further.

She said: “I want Mrs Crossley and Mrs Walsh’s jobs.

“It’s disgusting that it’s gone this far. It’s horrendous."

When approached for comment by the Worcester News on the allegations regarding the assembly, the school passed the enquiry to the county council.

Marcus Hart, the council's cabinet member for Education and Skills, said: “We are assured that the relevant process and procedures have been and continue to be followed at Witton Middle School. We’ll continue to support Lilly-Jo and her family and also the school.”

He added: “The health and wellbeing of all children and young people in Worcestershire is our main priority.

“Together with partners we are supporting the national anti-bullying Choose Respect campaign.”

PC Rich Rees, of Droitwich Safer Neighbourhood Team, said he visited the school as well as parents of both children on Thursday as part of a “reassurance” exercise.

PC Rees said he went to the parents and school to ensure “everybody is safeguarded” and going down the “correct channels.”

“We are confident that the school is dealing with it in the appropriate manner,” he added.