MORE than 100 schoolchildren have learnt how to be lifesavers.

The Year 7 pupils at Westacre Middle School spent a day learning about the heart, which included a hands-on session with Peter Richards from Droitwich AED, a community resuscitation scheme run by volunteers, who taught each and every child in the year group the basics of CPR.

Other activities during the day gave the 11 and 12 year olds the chance to use the school's ICT facilities to find out more about the human circulatory system through a range of interactive resources.

This included a tour through the system itself using their Google expeditions software on the school Virtual Reality headsets, and investigating the effects of different exercises on the heart's beat during PE using an app on school iPods.

Westacre became one of the first schools in Droitwich to have its own defibrillator early in 2017.

Allison Underhill, year 7 teacher, who organised most of the day, said: "The children were fantastic throughout the day and it is nice to know there are another 110 people in Droitwich that now know CPR."

Paul Barber, Westacre's deputy headteacher, added: "Many thanks to Peter for his time in school helping to inspire our children so much today.

"The event has showcased what our school is all about - it fits perfectly within our Experiences curriculum that aims to provide children with real-life experiences that prepare them for the future, as well as again helping our pupils to play their part in our local community both now and later on in life."

The day took place on Friday, October 12.