A CITY school pupil faces an uncertain future after being diagnosed with a rare brain condition.

Lilia Barley’s dad Chris, a paramedic, gave her daughter medical care after she suffered a seizure at home.

She was rushed to Worcestershire Royal Hospital – and later diagnosed with AVM or arteriovenous malformation.

The rare congenital disorder, which affects just one per cent of the population, can lead to potentially life-threatening bleeding episodes.

The 12-year-old Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College pupil, a promising county standard swimmer, has undergone two surgeries since her seizure on September 6 – caused by a bleed on the brain.

She is due to have further surgery in the coming weeks.

Mum Nicky Barley said: “It’s really difficult – they won’t tell us what the treatment plan is until the next surgery. We don’t know what the future holds. We are just taking one day at a time.”

Lilia, who spent 10 days in Birmingham Children’s Hospital, is currently recovering at home, and is able to go to school for up to an hour a day, alongside her mum.

“It depends how she feels,” said Nicky, 36, “it’s more about just being able to see her friends each day.”

Prior to the AVM diagnosis, Lilia was swimming five times a week and living an active lifestyle, but her mum said she is now having to find another gear.

She said: “Maybe she’ll be able to get back to swimming in the long term, but not right now.

“She gets tired very easily.”

Nicky has had to leave her job as a teacher to care for her daughter at home in Droitwich, while husband Chris, 46, has only just returned to work.

Lilia has swum with Droitwich Dolphins since she was seven but has now taken up more “arty and creative” hobbies with her mum.

Little sister Isla is fundraising to buy toys and activities for the hospital ward where Lilia was a patient.

Nicky said the ward already has ‘The Den’ but many of the toys will need “replacing and replenishing” as time goes on and praised Isla, 10.

She said: “She’s just very selfless and always thinks of other people. Lilia is very similar.”

On Friday, Isla held a ‘Wear a Hat Day’ at St Joseph’s Primary School, where she is a pupil, as part of her fundraising activities.

Fellow pupils were encouraged to make their own hats, with prizes available for the best ones.

A crowdfunding page also raised over £100 in just a few hours.

Nicky said the two sisters are very close.

“It’s hard when you’re so young to have a poorly sibling,” she said.

She went on to thank BCH staff “for their amazing support both medically and emotionally.”

See gofundme.com/support-Isla-to-raise-funds-for-bch for Isla’s fundraising page.