THOUSANDS of people visited Droitwich over the weekend to celebrate the town’s unique heritage.

Salt Fest, which started in 2006, offers a packed weekend of activities and entertainment to mark the town’s salt history and the community.

Live music featuring the town’s air cadets squadron opened the event on Saturday morning.

The Mayor of Droitwich, Christine Bowden and Tony Rowley, chairman of Wychavon District Council, came to support the local groups. Cllr Bowden said: “Events like Salt Fest brings everyone together as a community. Locals just want what is best for its town.”

Steve Knight, organiser of Salt Fest, said: “The event is all about local distinctiveness.

“It has grown over the years and is definitely the town's quirkiest event.”

Locals residents, Andy Morgan, and his wife Sandie, support the event every year.

Mrs Morgan said: “We always buy some nice produce from the stalls. The farmers market area is brilliant!

“Unfortunately, we don’t have a big enough patch in Droitwich to fit everything in, so it is all spread across the town.

However, it does mean good business for shops as they get high footfall.”

Ned Powell, travelled from Somerton to learn a bit more about the town’s history.

He said: “I like the Roman connection and the history behind it is very interesting. It is an opportunity for visitors to find out more about how the salt came to be in Droitwich.

“Country towns seem to have their own uniqueness compared to the city.”

Grace Davidson and Leo Abad, from Worcester, attended Salt Fest for their first time.

Mr Abad added: “There’s so many different things to do and see. The set up is very village like and it’s a cosy atmosphere.”