A FORMER Droitwich High School student has launched his debut single on Spotify and iTunes.

Jack Degenkolb wrote and provided lyrics for My Little Bundle, which was then released on the popular worldwide music platform last month.

Written during a period when the 16-year-old was going through a hard time after the death of a relative, it was 17th most purchased in iTunes’ singer/songwriter category in the world at one stage.

But the teenager, who lives in Droitwich, is keeping his feet firmly planted on the ground.

He said while “music is in my heart”, he plans on “living a normal life” – admitting he had no intention of releasing the song when originally writing it.

“I wrote the song two years ago after going through a difficult time in my life, I just felt stuck and the song came quite easily,” said Jack.

“At first, I just wrote the song, it wasn’t meant to go anywhere. I wrote it for me.”

He recorded it and posted it on Facebook initially, and it received around 10,000 plays.

In December 2016, while a Year 10 pupil, he also performed it on stage at school, singing and playing his acoustic guitar.

Then, months later while recording some other material at producer friend Ben Stancombe’s studio, Jack was convinced to get My Little Bundle out there on a major scale.

“Ben told me: ‘this is something I want to record, we need to get this out there’,” said Jack.

The song was re-recorded and launched on several platforms before debuting on Spotify and iTunes at midnight on August 5, quickly generating a substantial buzz.

The talented teenager said he has written other songs, but this one is his “best singing piece”.

Jack has performed at school numerous times with his guitar and felt sharing his work on social media and for download through the likes of iTunes is better than appearing on talent shows like The XFactor.

Having left Droitwich High School in July, he plans to study music at college.