A FORMER town councillor has called for a footpath to be cleaned up after he suffered two punctures to his mobility scooter tyres.

John Cook says the overgrown branches along much of Celvestune Way, Droitwich, are falling off or depositing acorns and thorns which are jamming into his tyres.

He is now considering buying a new type of sturdier tyre for his scooter, as he fears the problem is only getting worse – but these will cost about £120.

Mr Cook, 74, said he’s contacted the town, district and county councils but “nobody wants to take responsibility” for the issue.

“I’ve been forced into making a decision about my current tyres – I can’t afford to keep buying new ones.

“But the other ones are much more expensive and won’t necessarily withstand a thorn or whatever is bursting them.”

Mr Cook, who served on the council for around 15 years, leaving in 2016, said at one point district council staff would come with a special machine which cleared any debris from the footpaths.

But he believes this hasn’t happened for over 12 months – while the branches are now desperately in need of trimming back.

“Some branches are falling off but there are some vandals who are being stupid enough to pull them off and throw them on the pathway – a lot of them have thorns on.

“The other day I had to get off my scooter to move a branch off the road.

“It’s not just mobility scooters, people walk their dogs along there, and if a dog gets a thorn in its paw that’s going to mean a vet bill.

“If a cyclist’s tyre bursts they could be thrown off their bike – it’s a serious issue.”

Mr Cook, of Oakleigh Road, has lived in the town for 40 years, and said he goes out on his scooter every day to meet friends or go to the pub.

He joins the foot and cycle path along Celvestune Way at Blake Avenue and rides up towards Chawson Pleck, where there is a footbridge over the railway line.

Mr Cook, who formerly worked as a security officer at Birmingham City Council, said the drains by the footbridge have not been cleared for up to two years.

He said weeds, soil and grass are growing over the drains meaning when it rains the path becomes flooded.

Town and district councillor Richard Morris said the issue is within Wychavon District Council’s remit and he has passed on the concerns.