FOUR puppies that were born without warning are looking for new homes.

When Jordan Bear Charity of Droitwich took in Welsh Border Collie ‘Flower', as an emergency rescue, they had no idea that she was pregnant.

Ten days after arrival four puppies were surprisingly born to her.

‘Little Miss Trouble’ was rapidly followed, by her sister ‘Double Trouble’ then, ‘Trouble At t’Mill’ and ‘Trouble Maker.’

Now three weeks old and already walking about, albeit a bit unsteadily, the two girls and two boys are taking solid foods are all healthy dogs.

Jordan Bear Charity are now seeking expressions of interest from anyone wishing to offer one or more of these puppies a home.

Sue Boone, Jordan Bear Charity founder, said: "We are seeking only the very best homes for these very special little dogs.

"These are full blood border collie puppies and, ideally, we want to see them go to people who will put the effort in to train these highly intelligent dogs and maybe take them on to do agility or something similar.

"It is a miracle they are here at all, what with the young mother being unwanted and, with the condition she was in when rescued so, we will be careful in our choice of homes."

Rescued from a North Wales farm, where she had been declared ‘unwanted’ as she ‘wouldn’t work’, ‘Flower’, a 14 month old Black and Blue Merle Collie bitch, was thin and underweight when she arrived at the home of ‘Jordan Bear Charity.'

Anyone wishing to register an interest contact Jordan Bear Charity on 01905 412383, 01905 778774 or 07970 639858, by e-mail at or via