PEOPLE across the county felt tremors as an earthquake struck in Swansea.

The earthquake of 4.4 magnitude according to The British Geological Survey affected people across Worcestershire, with some readers claiming the tremors lasted as long as a minute and that their whole houses shook.

Events of this magnitude only happen in the UK every 2-3 years according to the geological survey and West Mercia Police has reported receiving a high volume of calls.

Helena Beale said: "My son felt his bed and wardrobe shake in St. Peter’s."

Bev Davies added: "Yes felt it in Perdiswell area, my daughter thought I'd gone nuts when I said to her I thought it was a tremor."

Kim Marie Jamila Clare commented: "In it Upton felt like my sofa had a massager in it."

Carol Clough described it as: "Like a gust of wind under the house that rattled my belongings."

Kirsty Johnson added: "Felt quite strongly in Malvern. My house shook and I could hear it too."

Shelly Givans said: "Here in the Hopmarket the whole of my living room shook."

Beckie Withers added: "Yeah I felt this in Nunnery, Worcester , the upstairs shook / vibrated."

Darren Mckay commented: "In Warndon, settee started rocking from side to side."

Sarah Lester said: "Yes I felt it in Worcester,bed was shaking and open window was really rattling."

Phil Newman added: "Felt it on Tolladine Road shock my office at work."

Rita Dabrowicz commented: "Very bad in Diglis. Over a minute long strong tremors."

Maddie Elisabeth Bird said: "I felt it in Evesham, first earthquake I’ve ever felt."

Tracey Louise Hayward added: Yes, in Malvern Link. My glass cabinet was rattling in in my front room! Thought i was going mad."

Evesham Police tweeted: "There has been a mild earth tremor emanating from South Wales. @WestMerciaOCC are very busy so Please do not call emergency services unless you have something to report eg damage, injuries or need assistance in any way. Many thanks."