A WORCESTERSHIRE charity is looking to find a foster or forever home for a Staffordshire bull terrier.

The Senior Staffy Club Rescue is trying to find somewhere for Ruby, who has had a tough eight years of life so far.

She was kept outside in a garden in all weathers for all of her life, and with very little human contact she understandably developed some trust issues.

Knowing Ruby wouldn't cope in kennels she has been checked into Hayloft Pet Services in Hadley near Ombersley - a doggy hotel and behavioural centre - for intensive rehab.

Whilst Ruby will probably always need careful management she has started to learn to trust again.

The Hayloft appealed for visitors for Ruby to come and give her treats and so far over 50 kind people have visited to help teach Ruby that not all humans are bad.

A spokesman for the Staffy Club said: "Once Ruby has learnt to trust you she is the most loving and sweet dog ever. She loves her cuddles and kisses, she’s playful and she loves her chew toys.

"She travels well in the car, is clean in the house and non-destructive. She is quite content in her own company and as long as she has her toys she can be happily left alone for a few hours.

"Ruby needs a pet and child free foster or forever home and she will have the life-long free of charge behavioural support from Hayloft Pet Services as well as support from local Worcestershire charity the Senior Staffy Club."

A successful meeting and home check conditions will apply.

For more information, call Charlene on 0777 191 4583 or visit https://m.facebook.com/HayloftPets/ or https://www.seniorstaffyclub.co.uk/rubyroo