A £211 MILLION budget for policing West Mercia over the next year has been announced.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said rising inflation and the demand on police services was behind the increase.

Mr Campion said the budget will protect the number of frontline PCs and police community support officers (PCSOs).

The police’s share of council tax will increase by nearly 4 per cent.

Mr Campion said: “This budget ensures both short and long term challenges can be met whilst keeping council tax increases to a minimum.

"It ensures our police have the resources they need to meet changing demands while protecting the visible, neighbourhood policing our communities need.

“The necessary work to modernise West Mercia Police and the service it delivers to our communities will continue.

"Projects such as mobile working and body worn video have already been delivered and are helping deliver a more effective, efficient police service. "This budget builds on that by ensuring a new state of the art control centre can be delivered this year, as well as changes to focus a greater proportion of police resources where they should be – in our communities.”

“I will also continue to invest in good services to help victims of crime cope and recover, and deliver a wide range of community projects to effectively tackle root causes of crime; projects which helped more than 12,000 people last year.”

The commissioner’s proposals were supported by the Police and Crime Panel at a meeting on Monday.

Full details of next year’s budget are available on westmercia-pcc.gov.uk.