A FURTHER 452 jobs are being lost as a result of the collapse of construction giant Carillion.

The Official Receiver said the jobs cover a variety of roles connected with private and public contracts across the country, as well as back office functions.

The losses are on top of 377 announced on Friday.

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DRIVERS wasted an average of 31 hours stuck in rush hour traffic last year, new figures show.

The UK was the world’s 10th most congested country, costing the typical motorist £1,168, according to traffic information supplier Inrix.

This takes into account direct costs such as wasted fuel and time as well as indirect consequences including higher prices for household goods due to increased freighting fees being passed on to consumers.

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THERESA May has said some women could be put off taking part in public life due to bullying and harassment on social media.

The Prime Minister said she had sensed an increase in an “aggressive attitude in politics” which had led to the intimidation of candidates, “most often focused on women”.

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A FORMER sports doctor has been sentenced to a third prison term of 40 to 125 years behind bars for molesting young athletes at an elite Michigan training centre.

Larry Nassar received his final sentence after listening to dozens of victims for two days during hearings last week, and was almost attacked by a man whose three daughters said they were abused.

He pleaded guilty to abusing women and young girls when they sought treatment for injuries at Twistars, a gymnastics club that was run by a 2012 US Olympic coach.

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The sentence is largely symbolic because the 54-year-old is already assured of spending the rest of his life in prison. Before serving either of his two state sentences, he must first serve 60 years in federal prison for child pornography crimes.