A POLICE sergeant has warned of more drugs raids to come after officers executed three warrants in 10 days on a troubled estate.

Morning raids on Shepherds Place, Farriers Corner and Woodmans Way – all on the Westlands Estate in Droitwich – between November 14 and November 24, resulting in numerous arrests and one closure order.

Speaking at a Droitwich Town Council meeting last Monday (January 29), Sergeant Sarah Kent said: “All three warrants were executed, drugs were recovered from all three.

“They were all under the badge of Op Blade – an operation to deal with drug dealers that come from more urbanised areas, such as Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Liverpool,” she continued.

“They [dealers] come into market towns and towns where they feel it’s easier for them to deal drugs because the competition is less.”

Following the Shepherds Place raid, the property was boarded up and occupants evicted under a closure notice put in place for three months.

Sgt Kent said: “It’s not something that we take lightly, obviously, taking away someone’s home is a big thing and all sorts of planning is put in place to help them afterwards.

“But, to be fair, when there’s a lot of antisocial behaviour around drug dealing from a premises, just going in and doing a warrant and arresting them and then bailing them back to that address, doesn’t inspire great confidence and it really doesn’t necessarily resolve the problem.”

She said the message the police are putting out is: “If you deal drugs from your home address, then we will do our very best to make sure you lose your home address”.

“The majority of people who live on the Westlands are people who don’t want to live with drug dealing going on.

“It’s not a safe place for the family if it’s going on and so they support our action – it’s evidence led. The community gives us information and we act on it.”

Sgt Kent added: “We will never stop. There will be more warrants in the not too distant future.”