A NEW report based on Met Office data shows the Midlands may be getting warmer and wetter during the winter.

The data, published by smart thermostat company Drayton Wiser, covers the last 50 years for the months of December, January and February.

It shows the highest winter average temperature and rainfall in the region have happened in the last few years.

Despite holding two of the Met Office’s top ten coldest days on record including a low of -25.2 °C, the Midlands comes in at sixth place with an average winter temperature of four degrees.

The highest Midlands average temperature in the last 50 years is 6.35 degrees Celsius in the winter of 2016.

The south east was the warmest in 2016 with an average of 7.26 degrees while east Scotland shivered in an average of just 3.3 degrees during that winter.

Droitwich Advertiser:

During winters over the last 50 years it has rained on just over 36 days in winter on average in the Midlands, the highest in the survey period was the winter of 2014 when there was rain on 55 days.

Northern Scotland gets the highest average rainfall with 57 days while east Anglia experiences just 32 wet winter days.

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The Midlands also sees over 32 days of frost and 163 hours of sunshine during December, January and February.