A GOOD Samaritan who stopped his car in rush hour traffic to tend to an injured cat has called on other motorists to think twice before driving away from a hit-and-run.

Adam Llewellyn, from Droitwich, was on his way to work at Worcestershire Royal Hospital last Monday when he saw a cat “having a seizure” on Cotswold Way at around 8am.

“I have quite good eyesight, and I could see about a hundred metres ahead of me a cat lying there,” said the 34-year-old medical engineer.

“It was frustrating that so many others were just driving past. I stopped and the poor cat was having a seizure. It had been hit by a car.”

Mr Llewellyn estimated that at least 20 vehicles past the cat, and a lorry was only inches away from running it over.

“I stroked it to calm it down, but obviously, it was not in a good state,” he said.

“I found a towel, put the cat into my car to try to keep it warm.”

Mr Llewellyn then began to drive it to nearby Ambleside veterinary practice in Warndon but “unfortunately, it died on the way” – though he said, “at least it passed away in the warmth and not out in the cold”.

He went on to say that around two years ago, while he was driving along Bath Road in Worcester, a cat “fell out of a tree” in front of his car.

He said he pulled over and managed to catch the cat which had two broken legs, and, despite it being midnight, found a veterinary practice still open which treated it and saved its life.

Following the incident last Monday, a couple of days later Mr Llewellyn phoned up the vets and was told they had managed to track down the owners of the cat.

“Even though their pet didn’t make it, at least they didn’t worry about what had happened. Hopefully, it put their mind at ease,” he said.

Having lost his family cat Bambi a couple of weeks ago in similar circumstances, Mr Llewellyn said anyone who runs down a cat or dog should stop to see if they can do anything.

“It only takes a few minutes. There’s no one who’s that busy who can’t sort it out. We’ve all got places to be, but surely we’ve got time to stop,” he said.