A CHAUFFEUR has described ferrying around crying aspiring actresses in Cannes for disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, saying he felt like he was driving them “into the lion’s mouth”.

Mickael Chemloul also claimed the Hollywood producer flew into a rage and attacked him when prostitutes failed to meet them near an exclusive bar in the French Riviera.

The French driver said much of his work between 2008 and 2013 was driving young actresses and models for Weinstein, who has had a meteoric fall from grace since dozens of women came forward to accuse him of sexual assault and harassment.

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A CROCKED Ed Sheeran labelled himself a “cripple” as he made his first public appearance since fracturing his wrist.

The singer-songwriter was forced to postpone his Asia tour earlier this week after a cycling accident which also left him with a fractured elbow and broken rib.

Sporting a sling and a cast, he took to the stage to collect the best live act in the world prize at the Q Awards.

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FICTION can provide “comfort” amid the turmoil the world is facing with uncertainty over Brexit and Donald Trump’s election, award-winning author Philip Pullman has said.

Speaking on the eve of the launch of his new book, the writer remarked that there had been “colossal” political changes in the last year.

When asked if comfort could be found in books, and the familiar act of reading, he said that was one of functions fiction served.

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THE Apprentice hopeful Elliot Van Emden confessed that he “did not see it coming” as he became the third candidate to receive the dreaded firing from Lord Alan Sugar.

The 32-year-old lawyer said he still does not feel he was in any way to blame for the mistakes that led to another disastrous week for the boy’s team.

Their third consecutive failure on the BBC One competition saw them struggle to sell robots that they had programmed to provide household support to elderly people.

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They struggled to pitch the innovative product after changing the name of the machine from Jeffrii to Siimon and printing an obvious grammatical area on their branding board.