POLICE will step up patrols for evenings around Halloween.

West Mercia Police will carry out patrols to make sure that people who are trick-or-treating are doing so in a friendly manner and not causing a nuisance.

Police advise that any reports of anti-social behaviour will be investigated.

That behaviour could include deliberately seeking to scare, harass, distress or alarm other people.

They say that fun seekers should respect 'no trick-or-treat' posters and head to homes welcoming visitors displaying illuminated pumpkins and other decorations.

Police add young people should never go trick-or-treating alone - they must always be accompanied by a responsible adult.

October nights are dark so keep to well-lit areas. Wear bright clothing and/or reflective strips, and always carry a torch.

Remember to be safe near roads and driveways, even around quieter residential areas.

Halloween can be a worrying and intimidating time for the elderly, vulnerable or those who live alone. It can also be a nuisance for people whose evenings are interrupted by trick-or-treaters knocking on their door.