BROMSGROVE and Redditch AC ended the McCain Young Athletes’ League in style as victory in Brierley Hilll ensured their place at the top of the Midlands Division.

Junior members were in fine form in the third round with a host of personal bests ensuring a strong finish in the league.

There were strong performances in the under-17s category, with Adam Plummer taking fourth in the 100 metre race in 13.7 seconds, third in the 200m with a personal best of 26.8s and being runner-up in the 400m (62.3s).

Lewis Anderson took second with a PB in the 400m B race of 72.7s. Alex Rainsden was runner-up in the 1,500m A (four minutes and 39.2s) and Alistair Madando won the B race in 4-54-6. In the 3,000m, Callum Smith roared to victory in a PB of 10-08-9, while in the 4x400m relay BARC came second.

Charlotte Tongue achieved third in the 100m (14.4s), while in the 300m, Hurdles Megan Griessel achieved a PB of 57.1 as she took first place.

Katie Plummer ran the 1500m in 5-32-6 to seal victory.

In the under-15s track competition, the 80m hurdles saw Andrew Pearson win with a PB of 13.5s in the A race, while Thomas Ellis won the B with a personal best of 17.7s.

There were also third places for Oliver Kemp (100m A, 12.8s) and Christian (100m B, 13.3s).

Danny Nicholls achieved a PB of 25s to come second in the 200m, while Josh Owen was runner-up in the B race with a new best of 28.7s.

In the 300m, Andrew Pearson won with a PB of 41.6s. The 800m saw Liam Bowden take first in 2:43.1 in the A race and Thomas Ellis win the B race with a PB of 2-51.4. The 1,500m saw Ben O’Connor take third with 5:15.4 and the 4x100m team won the relay by 0.6s.

The under-15s girls saw Fran Gallagher take third in the 100m A in 13.7s and Candy Lockett won the B race in 14.6s.

Abbie Kemp finished third in the 200m with a PB of 30.2s, second in the 800m (2-48) and fourth in the 75m hurdles (16.4s).

Ruth Gameson won the 1,500m in 5:49.2 and the 4x100m relay team came second.

In the under-13s boys competition Jack Turner achieved two PBs – 13.8s in the 100m A and 28.2 in the 200m B as he roared to two first places.

Joshua Pearson won the 200m A with a PB of 27.9s. Cameron Cooper took fourth in the 800m A race (2-43.7) and Altay Gardiner second in the B with a PB of 2:44.2.

Pearson also won the 70m hurdles in 14s – 2.1 seconds faster than the second-placed athlete and Gardiner was first in the B race in 14.1s. The 4x100 relay team won.

The under-13s girls track athletes saw Lucy Harris achieve a PB in the 75m as she came fourth in 11.2s.

There were other fourth places for Molly Turner in the 150m A race (23.1 – PB) and Olivia Worth (23.5 – PB) in the B race.

In the 70m hurdles, Turner won in 13.3s (PB). The 800m saw Amy Mijovic-Couldwell come second in 2:54.2 and Sarah Kennedy won the B race in 2:56.4.

In the 1,200m, Olivia Worth won in 4:27.4 (PB) with Amy Tongue winning the B race in 5:05.3. The 4x100m quartet finished second, missing out to Hereford by 0.1 of a second.

Bromsgrove and Redditch field results - high jump: U15s boys: Christian James 2nd 1.45 (PB); U15s boys B Andrew Pearson 1st 1.30; U15 Girls A Sydney McKenzie 2nd 1.20; U13s Boys A Altay Gardiner 2nd 1.15 (PB); U13s Boys B Cameron Cooper 2nd 1.05 (PB).

Long Jump: U15s Boys A Danny Nicholls 4th 3.81; U15s Boys B Josh Owen 1st 3.50; U15s Girls A Fran Gallagher 2nd 4.25; U15s Girls B Sydney McKenzie 2nd 3.62; U13s Boys A Joshua Pearson 2nd 4.14; U13s Boys B Jack Turner 1st 3.57; U13s Girls A Molly Turner 1st 3.96; U13s Girls B Lucy Harris 1st 3.93 (PB).

Shot putt: U17s Male A: Alex Rainsden 4th 7.57 (PB); U17s Male B Alistair Madando 2nd 6.74; U17s Female A Charlotte Tongue 2nd 5.85; U15s Boys A Oliver Kemp 2nd 9.52 (PB); U15s Boys B Liam Bowden 2nd 7.22; U15s Girls A Heather Knight 3rd 6.04; U15s Girls B Sydney McKenzie 1st 5.68; U13s Boys A Louca Elinas 2nd 6.05 (PB).

Discus: U17s Women A: Megan Griessel 3rd 10.49; U15s Boys A Liam Bowden 3rd 16.21; U15 Girls A Candy Lockett 3rd 20.16; U15s Girls B Heather Knight 1st 16.46.

Javelin: U17s Male A Lewis Anderson 2nd 16.93 (PB); U17s Female A Charlotte Tongue 2nd 20.44; U17s Female B Katie Plummer 1st 12.45; U15s Boys A Oliver Kemp 1st 33.50 (PB); U15s Girls A Candy Lockett 2nd 19.73 (PB); U15s Girls B Heather Knight 1st 16.00.