STUDLEY manager Keith Draper heaped praise on Bromsgrove Sporting officials this week after suffering what he described as his worst ever weekend in football.

Draper watched in horror as his own son, also named Keith, sustained a fractured arm during the closing stages of Studley's 2-0 defeat to Sporting last Saturday.

The concerned Studley boss had to accompany his son in an ambulance to the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch and admitted: "I didn't even see Sporting's second goal.

"I saw them treating Keith by the side of the pitch and I could tell he was in real trouble.

"As a parent, you don't like to see your own son in so much agony, but there was nothing I could do and it was really upsetting to see.

"But I can't thank Sporting enough for all they did. Their physio Emma Waters and director Rob McLaren were absolutely brilliant and are real unsung heroes as far as I'm concerned.

"Then their secretary David Stephens came to visit Keith when he was still in hospital.

"I also got phone calls from Sporting manager Paul Smith, chairman Mike Burke and a number of their players after the game wanting to know how Keith was. I cannot fault Sporting and I want to thank them all.

"They've managed to re-set Keith's arm and He should be OK. But the incident soured what should have been a great occasion in front of a huge crowd who applauded my son when he was taken off to hospital."

However Keith Draper's dreadful weekend didn't there. Studley then lost 1-0 at home to fellow strugglers Chelmsley Town on Bank Holiday Monday and now find themselves right back in a relegation dogfight.

"Studley fell foul of the referee and had to play the final 35 minutes against Chelmsley with nine players after Luke Dugmore and Danny Ludlow were sent off.

Draper was highly critical of the referee and spoke afterwards with the assessor, something which he stressed never having done before. But he accepted: "We got beaten and I can't change that. The whole weekend was a disaster and we are still in relegation trouble after everyone thought we'd be safe."

Studley travel to Uttoxeter Town on Saturday before facing second from bottom Pelsall Villa in what could prove a relegation shoot-out.

"Draper claimed: "We've sprinted all the way to the line, but now we're falling over ourselves to get over it!

"I took charge at Studley with the sole aim of keeping them up and we've come that close.

"But all the sides down at the bottom have been fighting as though their lives depend on it, so everything could easily end up in total disaster."