A STOKE Prior karate school has joined forces with a club in Kidderminster in a bid to find the perfect blend.

Forge Shotokan, which teaches the traditional Okinawan self-defence style, is working with Kidderminster Karate Association and their more universal Japanese approach.

Students are working together and swop different ideas to create unique new system.

Stuart Hughes, cheif instructor at Shotokan, said: “Okinawa is the home of karate and we practise the original style, which focuses on the self-defence aspect.

“When it was introduced in Japan, it was modified to be more of a sport to please the population.

“But it’s great to be working with Jason Lester and his students from Jikoboei Ryu, we’ve been able to exchange ideas.

“The style we’re developing is ideal for the slightly older student.

“Karate, for me, is not something that can be taught in a month, even 80-year-old masters say they are still learning.”

A particular interest to both clubs is the origin of the practical application of kata moves.

Kata are set sequences of moves which are open to inerpretation by those who take the time and trouble to study them closely.

Both Hughes and Lester are keen on exploring the original real life applications of techniques so that authenticity is injected into self-defence situations.

Anyone interested in finding our more information can call Hughes on 01527 833618.