ON a recent visit to Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, I noticed a massive different between our two towns.

Great Yarmouth has a big High Street with hardly any shops empty.

Bins and seats are everywhere to keep it clean and for people to sit down.

There was an undercover bus station with electronic timetables and a massive outdoor market of more than 100 stalls bringing business to the town.

Bromsgrove High Street has shops empty everywhere.

There is hardly any bins or seating provided for people.

We have a bus station which is old and shabby and very outdated.

There are a few market stalls placed in the High Street, a few days a week.

We used to have a great indoor market, but what did the council do? Knock it down and made into another car park, which no one uses anyway.

Shame on you Bromsgrove Council.

When is someone going to get off their back-sides, from the council, and do something about out town before it is too late.

Concerned resident.