HOW upsetting it was to read the letter from Marie Tilt (Your View, May 2), whose sister’s cat was hit by a car and died.

It was distressing to read as I too have had to pick my dead cat off the road after it was hit by a car and I know how devastating it can be.

For the last 11 years I have lived in Marlbrook Lane.

It is a lovely part of Bromsgrove, but over the years residents have seen the traffic increase as the road is used as a rat run.

Motorists speed up and down as if it were a main road and not a lane and the top part of the lane has no pavement meaning residents’ property sits straight on to the main road.

Over the years many young families have moved in and I wonder how long it will be before a child is killed as they run out into the road.

In the past we have approached the county council which has set up a speeding monitor across the road, but the council has always placed it at the bottom of the hill where motorists would brake anyway, so it’s not surprising that the council found no evidence of speeding.

I agree with Marie and wonder what will it take to make motorists slow down and wonder if the council will be interestedwhena small child is injured or even killed.

Sue Attley, Marlbrook Lane, Bromsgrove