THE arrogance of K Raybould (Your View, Don’t build shop, May 2) is staggering.

They state that the building of a convenience store will bring strangers into our community. This suggests a collective of long-standing tradition and acceptance and not a developers grab the money and run scheme which the Oakalls clearly was.

A local centre was, as I understand, an original concept of the development.

According to the developer, it was difficult to fulfil due to a lack of perceived potential. Indeed, they sought to build additional housing on the land earmarked for such a centre.

They state that such a development would cause noise, litter, nuisance, unsociable behaviour, traffic and, as previously stated, bring strangers into our community.

It is suggested that all of this would be acceptable in Aston Fields, just a 15 minute walk away.

Believeme,KRaybould, I live inamore established community in Aston Fields and would have no hesitation in not walking for 15 minutes, in the opposite direction, to access a one stop in your version of community.

Finally, if the Oakalls is a lovely, safe and clean environment in which to bring up children where do they go to hang out after school, during the evening and weekends?

Stephen Downes, Scaife Road, Aston Fields