IWOULDjust like to respond to the letter from K Raybould regarding plans for shops on the Oakalls.

I have lived on the Oakalls since 2003 and when plans were submitted previously for shops I opposed very strongly to them and seemed to be the only one – apart frommyneighbour –who did not want shops, so I am pleased this time around that others are also concerned about having a shop on the new development site.

As before,myconcern was and still is the problem of people purchasing alcohol from a shop and then causing a nuisancedisturbance as previously there has been problems like this and we have had eggs thrown at our car-house windows and also had teenagers knocking on the door and running off.

The other issue is litter – no matter how many bins you put in place, people will still drop their litter.

The other main concern is about the provision of parking both for the proposed shopsand the new housing.

Not everyone will walk to the shops – they will get in their cars to drive there and by looking at the plans there is very little parking.

Double yellow lines could be put in place from the start of the development. This would certainly stop congestion on Regents Park Road from potential shop customers and also people living in the new houses.

I am aware that these properties have a drive/garage space at the back, but people will still park on the road, thus causing chaos in the mornings and on an evening.

This would also apply to Royal Worcester Crescent by the island as we all know that if someone parks there, only one car can pass and when we have snow it is hazardous anyway without cars being parked on the front.

This is a desirable housing estate for families and I for one would like to keep it this way.

I believe that we need to look to the future and maintain the high standards that we have currently got.

I have raised these concerns already with the developers and local councillor.

It would be good if the plans for theshopsdid not get agreed,but if they did, I would urge the councillors/developers not to allow the shop to have a licence as I am sure they would do a very good trade without it.

L Goodall, the Oakalls, Bromsgrove