THE council may hold fewer meetings reported the Advertiser in its April 25 edition.

The reasoning? Council meetings have become too political said Roger Hollingworth, leader of Bromsgrove District Council.

May I direct Mr Hollingworth to the dictionary definition of his Conservative party.

“The Conservative party, formally the Conservative and Unionist Party, isacentre-right political party in the United Kingdom that adheres to the philosophies of conservatism and British unionism.”

It seems that Mr Hollingworth has overlooked the political nature of what is called local politics.

I would suggest the real reasons for wanting fewer meetings are firstly, that the local Conservative party want to shy awayfrom debate and criticism in public, particularly on the sale of the former market site, tree felling, a hike in councillors’ allowances, I could go on, and secondly, poor chairmanship of council meetings. The chairman must provide the opportunity for everyone to be heard, giving appropriate rulings and protecting the minority, while abiding by the majority decisions.

Mike Marshall, Rock Hill