ON the afternoon of Tuesday, April 10, my sister’s cat, Misty, was knocked down outside her house in Dragoon Fields, Aston Fields.

I found my sister cradling Misty who had suffered horrific fatal head injuries.

The driver had not stopped and from the visible evidence and impacttheywereobviously driving too fast round the corner at the top of Dragoon Fields – a route often used as a short cut from Finstall Road to Rigby Lane.

Misty was originally rescued from a cat sanctuary and had just had kittens.

Mysister fell in love with Misty and could not bear to take her away from her two remaining kittens, so she ended up coming home with three cats.

Afew years later, a stray decidedto livewiththe family so they went from wanting one cat to having four.

Misty previously suffered an injury from a road accident and she had to have one of her back legs amputated.

Mysister decided to give her an opportunity to live and Misty adapted well.

She was nine when she died as aresult ofaspeeding driver.My sister and two nieces are devastated and cannot sleep at night. My 10-year-old niece collapsed to her knees when we had to tell her the awful news.

This time it was a beloved pet that was killed, but it could have easily been a child crossing the road on their way back from school.

Drivers, please think about how fast you are driving, particularly when using smaller side roads in Bromsgrove which are often located near to our schools.

I hope the driver who did this to my family will think about the speed they drive at in the future and other drivers who read this will also cut their speed.

Marie Tilt by e-mail