I AM writing to tell readers that our town has an inspirational theatre director inMaggieBishtonwhohasjust completed six productions of the Sound of Music at New Song Church.

After rigorous auditioning, 14 Trapp family singers put on three excellent shows each so that their education was not unduly disrupted.

Seven were in Team Rodgers and seven in Team Hammerstein.

Maria and the Abbess were particularly well-cast. Perhaps I heard the prompt’s voice once, but I heard not a single wrong note. I should be able to tell as I sing in several choirs.

A special mention to Mary Freeman, the musical director. She rehearsed 25 nunsto sing several part songs in Latin.

This was very effective, especially with the small orchestra which she led from the piano. As shows only cover their costs, thank you also to the church, in Broad Street. The very next day after the last night, Maggie started auditioning for Treasure Island this summer.

Thank you Maggie.

Ros Cooke, Manor Court Road, Bromsgrove