WHILE I respect the concerns of N Probert’s e-mail regarding the removal of the bollards in Newton Road, I feel there may be a better alternative for all concerned.

Currently we have both domestic and commercial traffic sharing the same junction at Sherwood Road and Stoke Road.

This is never a good idea at the best of times, but during the early morning and evening traffic-school runs it must be extremely frustrating and possibly dangerous for all concerned, regardless of which way they are going.

This could be into Bream Park, out of Bream Park, into the industrial estate or out of the industrial estate.

My suggestion iswhynot rotate the bollards through 90 degrees, making Newton Road the entrance and exit toBream Park only and Sherwood Road the other entrance and exit to the industrial estate. Perhaps another set of bollards installed on the hill on the industrial estate cutting the through road in half would also help by reducing the volume of traffic using the Stoke Road exit. Just a thought.

Paul Whitehouse, Hampton Avenue, Bromsgrove