WHAT is happening to our Royal Mail postal service?

I recently received a musical greetings card of a type that plays happy birthday or Jingle Bells at Christmas when opened.

Although the card had been mailed from Dudley Post Office I had to pay an additional £1.20 surcharge to receive it.

Apparently, all letters now have to pass through a narrow slot. Failure to do so results in excessive charges for the recipient.

Weare all getting used to this postal ripoff of first, second class and large.

Whatevernext?PerhapsRoyalMailcan consider multi-tier charges for the colour of the envelope used.

And now it seems we will be paying alternative postal charges from where the items have been mailed from.

Haven’t we had enough? What with bankers stealing our own taxes to line their own pockets and MPs with fingers in the till paying for home extensions, helicopter pads and moats.

What do we receive in return? Higher levels of illegal immigration, terrorism, failing schools, industry and infrastructure.

Political correctness gone mad, our hard fought for freedoms eroded.

Wake up Britain.

John Dales, Cofton Hackett