IWRITEon the subject of vehicles in the High Street which was recently raised in your correspondence column.

At the time when the pedestrianisation of the High Street was being considered, I was a member of the team in Bromsgrove’s Planning and Highways Department, working on this project.

A survey was made of every property front in the High Street and it was found that several had no rear access.

Objections to the scheme were received from the banks and building societies, and the police, who considered that for security reasons, those businesses should continue to be serviced from the High Street. Following these objections, a compromise was agreed that a period of time be given at the beginning and end of the day for vehicles to use the High Street for servicing purposes. The scheme was enforced by the High Street being made a one-way street, bollards placed atNew Road and a barrier placed in Church Street, which would be closed during the period of vehicle prohibition.

EmergencyvehiclescouldaccessHigh Street from The Strand/Stratford Road.

As it is now nearly 20 years since I retired from the council I cannot, of course, make any authoritative comments on the current situation in the High Street. However, it is interesting to speculate that if the original traffic regulation orders have not been rescinded or amended, the erection of market stalls, at certain times, could constitute an illegal obstruction to the public highway.

GE Tucker, Yewtree Drive, Bromsgrove