I CANNOT believe the mentality of the decision makers in Bromsgrove – £2 million to revamp a high street where shops are closing on a daily basis.

This is definitely a case of sticking a plaster over a gaping wound.

When will these people learn that removing a few trees – which after seeing the result on Saturday was horrific – and tidying a few frontages isn’t going to bring prosperity back.

We have no carrot to dangle in front of the big players in retail.

Our shops are old and too small to be a viable opportunity to anyone wishing to make good on their business.

We appear to be throwing good money after bad.

If we are so intent on spending millions on a new railway station – which I am still not in favour of – why can’t we put the money the council keeps throwing away on pointless ventures and build a retail park near to the new station? We would then have the said carrot and a very potentially profitable train service for getting there.

Why aren’t we approaching these businesses to invest in such schemes? If we can attract Sainsburys to a beaten up old retail park, just think of what wecan attract with the promise of a shiny new retail park.

Notonlydoweneedfresh blood bringing venture to Bromsgrove, but it certainly sounds like we need new blood with vision in the hot seat in the seats of power in Bromsgrove.

I am happy that town MP Sajid Javid has been seen as one of the up an coming politicians within his party, but it can’t be based on what he is doing to bring prosperity back to Bromsgroveor its constituents, whichshowsintherecentdebacle over the removal of free parking for the sick and disabled.

Because of course that type ofpennypinchingfromthe vulnerable will put us back on the road to recovery, won’t it Mr Javid?

There is a saying about ivory towers and it certainly fits the bill here. Maybe Mr Javid, whenyouhave the chance from one of the ribbon cutting events in your diary, you can make time to have a look or at least comment and do you what you were voted in for – supporting your constituents.

Steve Minett, Charford Road, Bromsgrove