IAMwriting with a query that Iamhoping to have some light shed on.

I would like to know why it is that disabled badge holders should get free parking?

As far as I can see it could be (a) a question of money for those on DLA benefit or (b) due to issues regarding mobility and physically walking to the ticket booth. If the former, I will saymanypeople are on other means-tested benefits, such as JSA or housing benefits or child tax benefits, who do not get such provisions made for them.

If the latter Iknowmanycouncils –such as Bromsgrove Council – have devised new ways of paying for parking which are more disability-friendly, such as the new system on the ASDA car park in Bromsgrove.

While I agree that disabled badge holders should get certain privileges, such as designated parking bays which are largerandcloser to the entrance, I think it is unfair thatsomepeople should have free parking and others have to pay.

Personally, I travel to Redditch or Droitwich Spa for shopping purely because I disagree with paying to park in Bromsgrove full stop due to the low calibre and poor quality of shopping in the town.

Rebecca Clissett, Foxwalks Avenue