MORE management positions could be cut at the county council if proposed re-structuring is approved.

With further funding reductions required, Worcestershire County Council’s cabinet has agreed to investigate the possibility of reducing the number of directorates and directors by two.

More than 70 posts have already been shed, saving about £3.5 million per year, since the launch of the council’s £70 million package of cuts, called BOLD – Better Outcomes Leaner Delivery – three years ago.

The potential job losses would come as a result of a proposed merger of adult and community services with public health services and the removal of the planning, economy and performance directorate. The former would follow the expected transfer of public health functions and staff to the council from the primary care trust in April 2013.

Council’s chief executive Trish Haines said management was not exempt from further efficiencies “At the moment, some of our management procedures can be rather slow. We want to be more nimble and quicker to respond to members and the public.” She said the council’s involvement in the Local Government Association pilot study, which outlines the need for five levels of management, had influenced the decision.

“The reality is we have considerably more levels of management but the last thing we want to do is destabilise our management.

“Each project in BOLD going forward will have some element of management review using this model.”

Adrian Hardman, leader of the council, said: “I think we can improve the way we operate considerably. The programme will take some time to roll out.”

Following an internal consultation, a report is expected to be presented to full council in May. County Hall bosses need to save up to £70 million from their budget by 2014, and were looking to make almost half of those savings by the end of April.

It is thought the council could lose up to 490 posts, about 10 per cent of all roles, by 2014.