THIS was the dramatic moment when police arrested two men after a drugs raid in the city centre this afternoon.

cannabis was found when police raided a closed-down convenience store on The Tything – just yards from the magistrates court and police station.

The raid took place at about 1pm at the Nisa Local shop in the Tything, which is thought to have closed its doors earlier this week.

Passers-by saw police entering the property from the rear entrance off Britannia Road. At least seven officers took part in the operation, some using specialist gear to gain entrance.

It is thought the police initially had difficulty gaining entry to the property as the back door was reinforced by a corrugated metal shutter.

As the raid continued, an officer was posted at the front of the property, and the odour of cannabis could be smelled from the street.

Following the raid, two males who were in Castle Street near the property were arrested at 1.20pm. One resisted arrest and there was a scuffle as police tried to restrain him. The two were then walked to the police station.