AT Bromsgrove Petty Sessions, Basil Henry appeared to answer a charge of riding a motorcycle in a manner dangerous to the public.Superintendent Chare said he saw the defendant riding down New Road at a very fast speed, turning into High Street at a speed of 16-18mph. Supt Chare put up his hand to stop Henry, but the defendant did not stop. In High Street, the defendant upped his speed to 20-25mph. Bench considered that the defendant was going too fast. Henry was fined 10s, 12s costs.

THE county council issued a warning to owners of stock to keep watch on their animals after foot and mouth disease had been discovered in the borders in North Staffordshire and South Cheshire. The council warned that animals and humans could suffer from the disease and it spread alarmingly. If symptoms were spotted, owners were instructed to report them to their nearest policeman.