WORKbegan on the construction of a pedestrian subway at the top of New Road, Rubery, in connection with the village by-pass scheme. The stop for buses to Bromsgrove had been moved 100 yards down the village as part of the work.

Another subway was to be constructed under the double track by-pass near the Avenue.

à IN a nationwide development plan for the hospital service it had been announced that there was a plan to convert Hollymoor and Rubery’s hospital site into a new general hospital.

General and mental services were to be integrated with Hollymoor as a psychiatric centre. The ambitious plans would see the 300- acre site provide 1,829 psychiatric beds.

à ALTHOUGH Charles Hill, the Minister of Housing and Local Government, had allowed the Glen Caravan Site, Blackwell, to continue, hehadturned down an appeal by the owner of another site in the green belt. Mr Emus had appealed against the council’s decision that 13 vans stationed on land in Wildmoor Lane, Catshill, should be removed before 1964. The minister explained that he had only ever been given permission for a limited period.