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CELEBRITY: That infamous white suit may be long behind him, but John Travolta is still packing a punch at the cinema. His latest role is as a dirty DEA agent in Oliver Stone's ferocious thriller Savages, in cinemas now. The Hollywood legend reveals what it's like to work with the fearsome director, how he can easily play the bad guy, and why he still gets nervous before a shoot.


BOOKS: Ex Bond girl Fiona Fullerton talks about the unlikely friendship she formed with suspected Soviet spy Anthony 'Alex' Alexandrowicz, through letters they exchanged while he was serving life imprisonment for a crime he has long claimed he did not commit. Released after 22 years, Fullerton finally met her erstwhile pen pal face-to-face last year. Their friendship has continued and the letters are published in her new book, Dear Fiona.


FASHION: Wrap up warm for the new season. Xtra looks at this season's most stylish winter coats.

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