THE Rotary Club of Droitwich Spa has pledged cash support to town youth groups.

The President of the organisation, David Pangbourne, has chosen to give this year’s community donations funding to young people in the area.

Every year the president of each rotary club selects how the charity funds raised by their club are distributed.

With 34,200 clubs and 1.2 million members worldwide, Rotary supports needy causes both at home and in third world countries.

By choosing to financially support local youth groups, sports clubs, social clubs and service organisations, Mr Pangbourne is hoping to improve the services to the benefit of the youth of the town.

Youth organisations needing small donations to help with activities are now being invited to detail specific needs in writing to Sandy Laird, secretary of the Rotary Club of Droitwich Spa, 222 Worcester Rd, Droitwich Spa, WR9 8AY.