POLICE in Droitwich are warning residents not to give money to people who turn up on their doorstep asking for cash.

The advice comes after at least two incidents where residents have been approached in their homes by strangers knocking on their doors and asking for money.

"As we've looked into these incidents, it seems this kind of activity may be happening regularly in the town," says Detective Constable Stuart Mitchinson from Wychavon CID.

He adds: "The first incident happened in Nuffield Drive at around 10.30pm on Monday, May 14 while the second happened on Tuesday, May 15 at around 4.30pm in St Peter’s Crescent.

"On both occasions, a man came to the door of the properties involved asking for money. He was turned away by the residents and it is not known at this stage if it is the same man or two different men. However, we do know that a man had been seen knocking on other people's doors in St Peters Crescent earlier on that day."

Wychavon CID is currently investigating another incident which took place last month where a man turned up at a woman's door in Grafson Place asking for money.

On that occasion, the man did receive some cash from the resident after saying he needed it for a taxi as his pregnant wife had been taken to hospital. Unfortunately, it was later discovered that a mobile phone had been stolen from the kitchen of the property following the stranger's visit.

"Of course people are free to give their money to whoever they want to and this is more likely to happen if they have a reason to do so, such as an emergency," says DC Mitchinson. "However, as in the case at Grafson Place, the kindness of the resident was exploited and it seems that the stranger may have got away with more than the money he was so generously given.

"I would urge people not to allow any strangers who come knocking on their doors into their homes under any circumstances. No matter how genuine that person may seem or whatever sad story they may have, you don't know who they are or what their intentions may be."

If someone you do not know turns up at your home asking for money and you are concerned about it, you can report the matter to police on the non-emergency number 101.

More personal safety advice can be found by visiting the advice centre pages of westmercia.police.uk • A 37-year-old man was arrested on Friday, May 18 in connection with the Grafson Place incident. He was charged later that day with fraud and burglary offences and appeared before Worcester Magistrates Court on Saturday, May 19.