A CONCERNED couple believe a mould problem in their Droitwich home is damaging their son’s health.

Jason Smith and Stacey Wilson, who live in a housing association flat in Oakfields Trent Close, are now calling for more action after their two-year-old son Leo had to be taken to hospital with chest problems.

The pair feel that Nexus Housing has not done enough to help them eradicate the issue.

Youngster Leo has been to hospital and seen doctors about chest and coughing troubles. A doctor has apparently written a letter to Nexus Housing to tell them that the mould could be damaging his health.

Dad Jason said: “We discovered the mould is in his bedroom and under the wardrobe. He has got a problem with his breathing and keeps coughing. We have had to take him to the hospital because it has got that bad.

“We told Nexus Housing about the problem but nothing has been done. An inspector just told us to open the windows and left us a leaflet.

“Even though we have moved Leo into our bedroom, which seems to have helped, we really need something to be done.”

Nick Howland, repairs services manager for Nexus Housing, said: “We understand the problem that Miss Wilson and Mr Smith have been facing. Our investigations have found that the mould is caused by condensation rather than penetrating damp.

“We have advised the couple how to ventilate their home more effectively. After chatting with Miss Wilson we advised against drying clothes in the landing and to use the bathroom where we have fitted an electric fan to help ventilation.

“We offer advice to all residents about mould and condensation and the easy steps that can be taken to reduce them.”

Nexus Housing’s condensation and mould leaflet is available online at nexushousing.co.uk/publications.