DROITWICH Spa High School has adopted a new ‘pupil’ Lucky the pigeon.

The tired and worn out pigeon wandered into a classroom in the school’s inclusion centre, determined to take up residence.

Paul Buckell who runs the centre, got told about the pigeon when a pupil interrupted one of his classes outside to tell him it had walked into his office.

He said: “At first, I dismissed the idea as a joke, but the student was quite insistent that a very tired looking pigeon had decided that my room would be a good place to take a break.”

After a quick investigation, Mr Buckell discovered the tired, but tame pigeon, resting in his room.

He added: “I looked at the tags on her legs and quickly realised that she wasn’t a wild bird. There was a phone number on one of the tags, so I dialled it and discovered from her owner that Lucky is a young bird from Leicester who took off with a flock of pigeons before she was really ready and a few hours later found herself lost, lonely and very, very tired in Droitwich.”

The homing pigeon is proving to be a popular and educational addition to the centre, where students are learning about her breed, and her particular needs.

“The owner has very kindly said that we can keep her”, added Mr Buckell. “We have got to make sure she doesn’t fly off for about two weeks, after which we can let her go and she should make her own way home to the Inclusion Centre whenever she wants.”

The Inclusion Centre at Droitwich Spa High School is already well stocked with bird food to feed their chickens, so Lucky should feel at home.