GOOD neighbours in Bromsgrove and Droitwich spotted the same burglar and helped police to catch him two days in a row.

Mark Manders carried out one raid and was caught, but the following day he struck again after being released by police on bail, Worcester Crown Court heard.

The 23-year-old targeted a house in Barley Mow Lane, Bromsgrove, in the early hours of February 21 this year while the owner was away. He and another man got in through the back garden at night and used a pair of shears they picked up from a shed to smash a three feet by six feet window, Stephen Thomas, prosecuting, told the court.

Neighbours had earlier seen two suspicious men hanging around and then were alerted when they heard a noise. They saw a torch shining inside the house and knew the owner was away so they called the police.

Manders had left by the front door and was spotted by a neighbour who shouted and ran after him and he was caught by police.

He was bailed but on February 22 he struck in Ledwych Gardens, Droitwich, when the owner had gone away for the night. He was again with another man and they broke in by throwing a rock through a window at about 11.30pm, Mr Thomas said.

Neighbours saw them climbing over a fence to a nearby petrol station and called police who found Manders after a search of the area.

None of the items taken was of great value, Mr Thomas said.

Manders, of Tugford Road, Birmingham, pleaded guilty to two charges of burglary and one of possessing cannabis. One of his accomplices is to be dealt with later by the courts and the other is not known.

Stephen Parker, defending, said Manders had admitted that he targeted the houses to find property he could sell. He said Manders used a lot of cannabis and this was expensive. He was now hoping to use his time well in prison and find work on his release.

Judge Michael Cullum said Manders had a bad record of convictions and had carried out the second burglary within a short time of being bailed for the first.

He gave him twelve months on each charge consecutively with one month concurrent on the drugs charge, making a total of two years.