THERE will be a talk on the Droitwich Canal at the next meeting of the Clent History Society on Thursday, June 26.

Dr Malcolm Nixon is returning to the society to talk about the restoration of the canals in Droitwich.

The town had two canals, both of which served Droitwich in the salt trade, the first opening in 1771 and linking the town to the River Severn, and the second opening 80 years later to link Droitwich with Birmingham.

Both canals were formally abandoned in 1939 and became derelict, but after extensive restoration work, they were reopened in July 2011.

The talk is taking place at Clent Parish Hall from 8pm. Admission for non-members is £2.50, which includes tea, coffee and biscuits.

For more information, contact Carole Hodgson on 01562 885759.