A MOTHER and daughter from Droitwich have been raising money for Breast Cancer Research by taking part in a Moonwalk through the streets of London.

Rebecca Whitton and her teenage daughter Lauren, were among 17,000 people who headed down to the capital to start their walk at 11.30pm.

The participants chose between a full marathon length moonwalk, or a half marathon, and all wore their bras decorated along a Rockabilly theme for the course, which ran from Clapham Common, around Battersea and Chelsea Bridge, past Big Ben to London Bridge and back.

Mrs Whitton said: “I’ve got some friends who have suffered with breast cancer, and we just thought we’ll put it to a good use and do something. One of the girls I used to walk with did it a few years ago, and because my daughter’s 14, I thought now’s the time, she’s old enough to do it with me.

“The atmosphere was fantastic. People were parping their horns, leaning out of their windows and cheering us on. It was fun, but it was very tiring.”

Mrs Whitton’s mother-in-law Joan saw the two on their return home. She added: “I’m so proud of them. They limped in on Sunday they were worn out.”

To sponsor Rebecca and Lauren Whitton, visit justgiving.com/becky-whitton.