A CAMPAIGN will help to raise awareness of stalking in the workplacce.

The Worcestershire Forum Against Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence is supporting and promoting Working Without Fear as part of National Stalking Awareness Day on Thursday, April 24.

It aims to inform employers and employees about how to deal with the issue of stalking in the workplace.

Martin Lakeman, strategic co-ordinator for the forum said: “The issue of stalking in the workplace is far more common than many people think. Research shows that in the UK one in five women and one in 10 men are stalked at some point in their lives (British Crime Survey 2011).

"Stalkers can be colleagues or clients - and of those stalkers who are not, 50 per cent will still present themselves at the victim’s workplace.

"This creates risk not only for the victim but also their colleagues or manager who may have to interact with the stalker if they do turn up to the premises.

"We want employers to examine whether they have policies and procedures to support their staff, there most important asset”

Stalking is repeated unwanted contact from one person to another which demonstrates either a fixation or obsession and cause the victim to feel alarm, distress or fear of violence.

For more information, go to worcestershiredomesticandsexualabuse.co.uk or stalkinghelpline.org.